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Breaking News       Foundations Of Science Shaken: DNA Can Teleport Says Professor Jeff Reimers
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13 January 2011 

Foundations Of Science Shaken: DNA Can Teleport Says Professor Jeff Reimers
Professor Jeff Reimers, of the University Of Sydney in Australia,
has concluded from experiments that DNA can mysteriously be teleported.
From the work Reimers has completed, Nobel Prize winner, Dr Luc

believes that there is evidence that DNA can transport electromagnetic
imprints of itself to cells within the body which it has absolutely no
contact with, according to the New Scientist which released the results

How the process occurs is now up for debate as Professor Reimers
projects that enzymes are tricked into believing that the
electromagnetic imprints projected by DNA and mistaken as real.
In testing the theory Reimers’ team set up an experiment in which
he placed two test tubes next to each other, within a copper coil. 
In one tube DNA was placed while the other held just pure water. 
The tubes were subjected to a low frequency electromagnetic field and
after 18 hours were given a polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a process
that multiplies millions of copies DNA sequence.
Low and behold there is the tube of pure water were imprints of the
DNA originally placed in the first test tube.  The DNA had mysteriously
transported itself from one test tube to the other!
While many in the scientific community are questioning the
discovery others believe that this could be a major break through in
science and the field of modern chemistry.

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