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Breaking News      Riots Erupt After Bangladesh Share Market Crashes
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11 January 2011
Riots Erupt After Bangladesh Share Market Crashes
Investors have taken to the streets of Dhaka this week after the stock market plummeted 660 points, or 9% in less than an hour.
Within an hour of the crash the Market was shut down but not before
some 3 million investors were surprise but the sell off, many of whom
have incurred significant losses.  
In 2010 the Dhaka Stock Market rallied an enormous 80% but the highs experienced had already begun to reverse.
The crisis was triggered after the government altered the
conditions of the Statutory Liquidity Reserve  and Cash Reserve Ratio. 
As part of he new regulations, many banks were required to increase
their reserves of cash and assets, ensuring the liquidity of the
To ensure they met the new regulations banks reported being force to sell shares to boost their reserves.
Outraged by the sudden downturn in the market several hundred
investors took to the streets blocking the main thoroughfare in the
central business district, and demanding the sacking of the Bangladesh
Bank governor Atiur Rahman.

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