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Breaking News      Colombia’s Drug Queen And Interpol’s Most Wanted Woman Extradited To USA
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10 January 2011

Colombia’s Drug Queen And Interpol’s Most Wanted Woman Extradited To USA
At 45 years old Beatriz Elena Henao could easily disappear into the crowd. 
Yet last week this highly intelligent, political scientist,
proficient in at least 4 languages was extradited from Colombia to the
United States on charges of importing 300,000 units of speed
This was her operation, transporting the drugs from the Netherlands
and Spain into the United States.  She was known to be part of the
Colombian drug cartel, the Comba Brothers, lead by Javier Antonio and
Luis Enrique Calle Serna.
Henao rose through the ranks to become known as the international face of the drug couriers.  
She began her career after moving to the Netherlands to marry a
Dutch national, and after they separated she became involved with a
Russian Drug gang.
From here she firmed her reputation as an organizer earning the
nickname “country” being a liaison person for the brothers between
different nations.
It was during the 1990’s that she caught the attention of Interpol
and by the time of her arrest in 2009 she had become their most wanted
woman being branded the Queen of Amphetamines.
During a joint operation between the Colombian Criminal
Investigation Department of Police and the Public Prosecutor’s
office and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in the Colombian town of
Pereira that Henao was detained for drug trafficking and money
Last week the Queen of speed was extradited to the United States
where she will face a New York court and will face trial in 2011.

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