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Breaking News      Circumcision Reduces HIV Rates And Cervical Cancer Says John Hopkins University Research
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08 January 2011 
Circumcision Reduces HIV Rates And Cervical Cancer Says John Hopkins University Research
 Circumcision is terribly out of fashion.
“Barbaric” it’s called,”how could you cut the foreskin off a new born baby? Shocking!” 
This week yet another piece of research has been released that
advocates the benefits of circumcision, so will this current trend be
Between generations there can be huge swings in rates of
circumcision.   In the 1930’s in the United States 30% of baby boys were
circumcised, by 1956 that rates had skyrocketed to 85% and 1974 it had
declined to 77.5%.
In recent years there has been a sharp decline in rates.  In 2006
figures had dropped to 56% to 2009 when only 32.5% of boys were
circumcised in the USA.
For parents trying to decide whether they should circumcise their
child many consider the benefits of their baby boy looking like their
father, then there is the question of whether it is easier to clean
weighed up against the fear and perception of the pain of cutting off
the foreskin.
Yet many parents who have witnessed circumcision few even comment on more than a moments discomfort experienced by their child.
Now an increasing body of research is arguing that the benefits are far more than cleanliness.
It’s been well documented the transmission of HIV is decreased for
those circumcised.  Research indicates that the inner surface of the
foreskin can trap the HIV virus and has the foreskin has a high
concentration of cells that are HIV receptors, cut off the foreskin and
reduce the problem.
Now new research by John Hopkins University has indicated that circumcision can reduce the risk of cervical cancer (HPV).
In a study of 1000 couples there was a reduction in the incidents
of cervical cancer by 28% of women who were sexually active with
circumcised men.
“Male circumcision has now been shown to decrease HIV, herpes simplex
virus-2, and HPV infections and genital ulcer disease in men, and also
HPV infection, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginosis and genital ulcer
disease in their female partners,” was stated in the report.
Now the argument seems to be that as parents we happily immunize
our children through a number of slightly painful injections, why not
accept the discomfort of circumcision for the long term benefits for
both men and women.

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