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Breaking News      Vladimir Putin Has Reached His Peak Near Santa Claus’s Mountain
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06 January 2011

Vladimir Putin Has Reached His Peak Near Santa Claus’s Mountain
Of all the honors bestowed on Vladimir Putin none must be as complimentary as having an entire mountain named after him.
In the former Soviet Union nation of Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia,
the government announced last week that it intended to pass legislation
to name one of it’s mountains after the Prime Minister and former
President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.
Putin must think all his Christmas’s have come at once as he now shares the privilege with Santa Claus, Lenin and former President Boris Yeltsin, all of whom have had mountains named after them.
In the mountainous nation, the Putin Mountain is relatively impressive with a peak of 14,586 foot (4,446 meter).
While rumors have spread that much of the drive behind renaming the
mountain has been to boost tourism for the nation, many are asking if
Putin will see it as just another summit.

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