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Breaking News      First Transgender Judge Takes To The Bar In USA
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06 January 2011

First Transgender Judge Takes To The Bar In USA
In front of her parents, friends and beaming supporters Victoria Kolakowski

was sworn in as America’s first openly transgender Judge.

Having practiced as an attorney for 21 years, and 4 years as an
administrative law judge, Kolakowski was elected to the prestigious
position of Superior Court Judge, in November 2010, running against
Alameda County Deputy District Attorney John Creighton.
Born as a boy, until 1989 Kolakowski was living as man.  In 1989 she began presenting as a transexual. 
Now based in California Kolakowski was raised in New York and practiced as an lawyer in Florida and Louisiana.
In 1991 she underwent the operation to change her gender.  
The battle for equality and justice in the transgender community
has long been known, with employment and social discrimination
experienced by many.
     “It’s been very hard as a transgender person. We’re a community that’s
chronically under- and unemployed and I’ve encountered that sort of
discrimination in the past,” she told the San Diego Gay And Lesbian News.  
On being elected she acknowledged that her appointment had been an extraordinary moment for the Gay and Lesbian Community.
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Thanks to Les Addison for sending in the following email!  (and correcting our information)


“actually, Vicky was living in New York, Florida and then Louisiana while
she was presenting as a boy/man.  She began presenting as a woman in
1989, and moved to California in 1990.”


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