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04 January 2011

Accused Neo Nazi Leader Arrested In Israel

In 2007 a gang of neo-Nazi’s, known as “Patrol 36′, were arrested
in Tel Aviv.  Weeks later videos emerged of the young men torturing the
homeless and defacing religious icons.

The world was captured by the irony of Israel being the vessel in
which a far right group was bred.  As children the men had immigrated
from Russia having claimed citizenship based on a Jewish ancestry, in
fact the grandfather of one had been a holocaust survivor. 
For two years until their arrest in 2007 the gang of eight, aged
between 16 to 19 years old, attacked immigrants, the homeless drug
addicts and Africans. 
The videos showed how they cornered their victims kicking them to
the ground relentlessly with the intention of uploading the footage onto
the internet.
As details emerged during the court case of how the members of the
Patrol 36 had planned to celebrate Adolf Hilter’s birthday the Israeli
community were astonished.  How could this happen in a nation that was
set up after the Holocaust in which 6 million people lost their lives
under the Nazi Germany.

All but one of the gang members were detained by the Israeli
police, all but the man suspected of being the gang leader, Dmitri
Bogotich.  He evaded arrest escaping to Russia believing he would never
be extradited to Israel.  
In public statements Bogotich openly discussed with reporter Orly Vilnai Federbush,

his far right beliefs including that Arabs should die and how his gang had attacked gays and “dirty blacks.”

Today Dmitri Bogotichis now a prisoner in an Israeli jail after being deported to Israel from Kyrgyzstan. 

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