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Breaking News      Looters Strike In Flood Ravaged Australia
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03 January 2011

Looters Strike In Flood Ravaged Australia
North eastern Australia is struggling to cope with unrelenting rain
from cyclones that have drowned much of Queensland.  Regional areas are
now bracing for rising waters which have already swallowed towns and
Today a new emergency has arrived with reports of looting emerging in the rural center of Rockhampton.
Rockhampton with a population of 75,000 people is just one of the
towns under stress from the deluge that is now reported as the worst
flooding in the state of Queensland’s history. 
Up to 1000 people have been evacuated, or left their homes while
others have are intent on taking advantage of deserted homes and
Already there have been reports of cars and homes being broken into with valuables removed.
A young couple were in Rockhampton intending to celebrate their
marriage when the floods altered their plans. While staying at a friends
place they heard cars being broken into and reported to ABC Radio:
“About 4:00 in the morning when the dogs were
barking and they’d broken into our car,” reported Tanya Hallam.  “But
they didn’t just do our car; they did nine in total in the street. So
it’s disheartening that people sink to that level.”
It’s a disaster for emergency services who are struggling to cope
with ensuring the safety of residents in the worst affected regions.

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