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Headlines      New Zealand: Boy Drowns In Hot Mud Pool
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31 December 2010
New Zealand: Boys Drowns In Hot Mud Pool
There is nothing quiet like the beauty of the Geothermal pools bubbling in the remote area of Rotorua in New Zealand.  
They are formed by volcano’s that sends heat through the earth boiling the water and mud so high it causes nature bubbles to explode into the air.
While the smell the emerge are overpowering as are the colors of red earth contrasting to the green lush land.  
While the beauty is phenomenal, so are the dangers.  Water in the pools can be heated to over 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100

degrees Celsius).

Today a tragic story emerged from New Zealand where an 8 year old boy has died after falling into the hot water pools.
On Tuesday afternoon the 8 year old, his older brother and family were visiting the Kuirau Park as tourists believed to have been on holidays from the Pacific Islands.
As police mount an investigation into the tragedy Anne Kare, who witness the child being carried from the pools reported:
     “”The boy was yelling ‘my hands, my hands,’ and I saw all the skin on his hands peeling off,” was reported by the BBC.
The young boy was taken to Auckland Hospital but died from burns yesterday afternoon.
Police are now relying on the distraught family members to try and build a picture of how the tragedy occurred.

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