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Breaking News      Online Gaming Assets: Wife Claims 50% In Divorce Settlement
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28 December 2010

Online Gaming Assets: Wife Claims 50% In Divorce Settlement
They met through the Internet, fell in love sharing a passion for
online gaming. In 2008 they married, but soon after things started to
fall apart. 
This week a district court in Shunyi, China has ruled that the
virtual assets built up by the couple cannot be part of a divorce
As part of their married life both pursued a passion for playing
the same game.  What was different after the wedding is that couple
established one ID under the husbands name.  Here the two built up
enormous virtual assets.
As the two filed for divorce both complained about their partner being lazy, neither being committed to doing any housework.
This year the wife filed for divorce and as part of the settlement
she claimed 50% of the virtual assets the couple had earned online.
Yet the court dismissed the demand, saying that virtual assets cannot be ruled on, only real assets.

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