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Breaking News      China: Restrictive Gun Ownership Laws Lead To Crackdown On Online Sales
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25 December 2010
China: Restrictive Gun Ownership Laws Lead To Crackdown On Online Sales
Chinese Police announced yesterday that a network of online gun sales had been busted.  
The Chinese Government has enacted some of the most restrictive gun
ownership laws in the world.  Current private citizens are unable to
buy, own or make guns. 

In a major campaign police followed over 2000 leads to track down gun producers and online sellers.

Given the illegal status of gun ownership it is impossible to
establish the exact extent of gun ownership in China, however in just
three months police in 2007 confiscated 178,000 guns, 4.75 million
bullets and an enormous 3,900 tons of illegal explosives.
In America estimates state that there are 290,000,000 millions guns owned by the 300,000,000 citizens. 
Its estimated that there are enough guns in America for 97% of the
population to each own one gun.  However many owners have multiple
weapons.  This is compared to China where best estimates place the
percentage at only 3.9%.
With such low ownership in China gun related violence is minimal,
with the Government committed to maintaining the restrictive
In the latest crackdown major suppliers were uncovered by police,
including 31 year old, Zhou Zhaoping, was found to be using code to
avoid detection.  Words such as ‘plastic pipes’ were used to imply gun
barrels.  He was among the 366 gun producers to be raided under the
It’s no small crime with those arrested facing up to 10 years for a
minor offense and those found to have committed a major breaches of the
legislation facing a possible death penalty.
Thanks to Mark for sending in the following comment and the article has been updated accordingly:
93% of Americans do not own guns.  It is estimated we have enough guns
for about 90% of the population to have one gun, however,  the actual
distribution is not constant.  Most gun owners have many guns–I have
five myself.


Thanks also to John Nelson for sending in the following comment!

Tell ya what
Mary, We do not see you having any data or verified data to disprove these
reports and the referenced study, funny how anti gun pundits like Peters never
do have real facts or what they do have, is cherry picked data and improper

Funny how other
countries with strict gun control laws have such a pitiful compliance rate to

By the way,
there should be glowing government reports of all the crimes solved by these
registration databases, oh wait, they do not exist, thats why. (Same thing has
been happening here in the US if you paid attention to the details of CoBIS)

Funny how these
reports and such are from organizations not affiliated with the NRA or any
other pro gun organization, same applies for those references that

That is unless
you wish to reference actual government data from the last three countries who
have implemented such bans? (Australia, Canada statcan, England home
office uk).

Please inform
everyone how murders and violent crime did not go down from their
implementation of their gun bans in 1997 to today.

Please inform
everyone how Australia’s violent crime has increased over 30%, Canada’s over
47% and England’s over 150% since 1997 to today.

Please inform
everyone how those violent crime rates are twice to over 5 times the US
violent crime rates (FBI UCR).

Please let
everyone know how the US Census shows since 1997 there was an increase of 9
million households owning a firearm or 40% of all households in the US (over
120 million in 2009).

Please let
everyone know how since 1997 that coincides with a 21% reduction in murders and
over 30% reduction in violent crimes reported and similar reduction in those
NOT reported in the US.

Please inform
everyone how our government admits it is the career criminals/gang members who
are responsible for 80% of all violent crime in the US and not the 80 million
law abiding gun owners. USDOJ National Gang Threat Assessment 2009

Please inform
everyone how the most conspicuous gun control law in the US is enforced less
than 1% of the time (USDOJ Background Check & Firearm Transfer report

Please inform
everyone how the congressional committee in 2001 found people using a fake
identification were successful 100% of the time  buying a firearm from a
licensed source.

Please inform
everyone how in 2008 only 4.48% of felons attempted to buy a firearm from an
unlicensed source. DOJ Felons Firearms Use survey 1997 Published Nov 2001, ref
USDOJ Background report 2008 as well.

Please let
everyone know that the NRA and 80 million law abiding gun owners  are not
in charge of those government agencies such as the BATF, judges, lawyers and
prosecuting attorney’s who fail to enforce the 20,000 plus gun control laws in
the US.

Please inform
everyone how the Federal & State supreme courts have ruled 10 separate
times that the police are not legally liable to protect the individual citizen.

Please inform
everyone how the police, referencing FBI UCR data, USDOJ National Victimization
report, and average prosecution success rates in 2008, managed to close only
8.75% of all violent crimes.

Please inform
everyone how a doctor is 12,000 to 25,000 times more likely to kill you than a
person licensed to carry a concealed firearm. (VPC 2009 report showing 137
deaths over 3 years for 8 million cpl licensee’s BATF .00000562 deaths per
licensee, JAMA Medical Malpractice 2001 report 700k doctors kill 44,000 to
98,000 per year or .065 to .14 deaths per doctor, uh, you do the numbers.)

Please do a real
review of the major gun control organizations in the world and tell everyone
what percentage of their funds come from this George Soros led cabal of
billionaires then ask how so few, should affect so many with their fear
mongering CONTROL and unsubstantiated FEARS.

Please inform everyone how the ATF made a similar
statement several years ago that tracking multiple handgun purchases would
reduce violent crime? Oh wait, they did and what happened, oh thats right,
nothing. Especially as they only prosecute those they catch less than 1% of the
time. USDOJ Background Check & Firearm Transfer report 2008

Please inform and convince everyone how this time will be
different, ROTFLMFAO.

Please inform everyone how the BATF has the authority to
bypass Congress and make more laws? Oh wait, they don’t!

Oh thats right, it is the government, failing in all these
checks and jobs they have failed at, not the 80 million law abiding citizens
much less the NRA. 

ROTFLMFAO, and you people believe the other 19,999 gun control
laws are enforced more effectively, ROTFLMFAO, uh yeah, heard drugged up,
drunked up idiots in MP lock up not as funny as you people.

So was wondering what in the world is reasonable, about such
un-enlightened individuals like Peters and Soros and the government continuing
to blame the 80 million law abiding citizens when the evidence and facts show
it is the governments failure?

Please inform everyone how the US Government/US SUpreme Court
ruled in the Haynes vs US 390, 85 1968 case, ruled 8 to 1 in favor of Haynes
that no person was legally liable to follow a law that requires them to violate
their 5th amendment right of no self incrimination?

Geez, that represents oh what, 85% of all gun control laws in
the US that don’t apply to felons, yeah it does.

Love how the media keeps regurgitating the 90% lie spread
about the Mexico lie by the BATF and the media.

Funny thing, anti gun pundits infer it is all the US supplied
weapons being used by the cartels.

Please inform everyone how the Mexican government admits they
only send those firearms to the ATF that can be traced. What was that last year
versus how many the Mexican government has confiscated?

Hey, isn’t that a report from the anti gun god media outlet
MSNBC, yeah it is! Funny how the guns that were sent to trace in 2008, didn’t
equal over 4% of all those in Mexican governments possession, So how about you
go down there and prove all those firearms were supplied by US firearms dealers
on the border. We will wait for hell to freeze over when you can do that!

So until you can explain why when the government continuously
fails to enforce the existing laws and to do their JOB, that a minority few who
have money and no morals believe it is reasonable to do the same useless thing,
again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and
again? Especially when the reality which you cant see through your blinder
blocked eyes is NOTHING  resembling another useless pathetic gun control

There is another 30 to 40 pages of data to support this
position, not including simple logic, but then again, logic is not the strength
of fear mongering gun control extremists.

John Nelson

USMC 1982

Detroit MI


Small Arms
Survey 2007
, Graduate
Institute for International Studies.




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