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Breaking News      After First Anniversary, Wife Discovers Husband Is A Woman
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18 December 2010

After First Anniversary, Wife Discovers Husband Is A Woman
They’d know each other for over a year, chatted, romanced, and
finally married on September 14, 2009.  For six months they lived
happily until one day Minati Khatua found out the man she had fallen in
love with was in fact a woman.
He’d been a perfect gentleman during their courtship, asking for
her parents for permission to marry the 26 year old Minati Khatua and
negotiating a dowry to be paid to him that included a car and 25,000
There was no sex between the two which may have aroused the
suspicion of many but Khatua was convinced by her husband, Sitakant
Routray, that he had taken a vow of chastity and so she relaxed into
what seemed to be a happy marriage.
It was after her mother visited for several months that the two became suspicious. 
     “Ever since, (she became suspicious) I would try hard to find out and confirm his gender but
failed repeatedly. However, one day I managed to force open the bathroom
door when he was having a bath. My worst fears came true. He was a
woman,” said Khatua and reported in The Telegraph, Calcutta.
They separated, with people purporting to be Routray’s family
threatening her if she took any action, but finally the young woman last
week approached the police.  
The damage to her life she has now discovered has been extensive as
her family has lost the car, and Routray had taken out loans in the
young woman’s name.

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Thanks to Mikey for sending in the following comment:

story of the woman discovering her husband is a woman is very strange. 
Could you also investigate a type of bullying called mobbing and
gangstalking.  There is a lot of info about it on the internet but why
don’t we see it in the news anywhere. That seems strange. Thank you.


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