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Breaking News      Jews Control Julian Assange: WikiLeaks And Mossad Deal Protects Israel: Report Theorists
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18 December 2010 

Jews Control Julian Assange: WikiLeaks And Mossad Deal Protects Israel: Report Theorists

The control of the media is so firmly in their hands , as is the
financial system, they control the IMF, oh and Hollywood so it seems
logical that Jews control WikiLeaks. 
At least that’s the kind of absurd beliefs the internet’s racists are peddling.
How can Israel have emerged from the WikiLeaks controversy so
squeaky clean while every other nation seems to have had dirt poured
over them from the documents leaked by the whistle blower website?
As the documents first hit the media a few weeks back the first
conspiracy was that WikiLeaks was a CIA plot.  Now the theories are
becoming just a little more sophisticated, albeit a little predictable.
The debate is raging in this week on websites around the world
about the relationship between WikiLeaks, it’s founder Julian Assange
and the Jews. 
On the far right website Stormfront debate is raging about who exactly is Julian Assange.
For one writer there is no doubt he is Jewish:
         “But yeah, I’m sure that a man who is pissing off everyone
from the U.S. Department of Defense to the Russian government to the
U.S. financial sector couldn’t have any reason to obscure his past and
family history other than his supposed Jewish roots.”
 this is responded to with:
           “Julian Assange, even if he is not jewish, has been working together closely with a Jew.”
Yet then there seems to be a divergence of views, is this man a
hero, given he has embarrassed so many governments, he has done the
dirty our world leaders. 
        “I’m so sick of knee-jerk Jew labelling. If you have some
proof that he’s Jewish, by all means, let’s see it. And no, “he can’t
NOT be Jewish!” is not a persuasive argument,” responds another on the
The other corner of the debate is in the Arab media who are
wondering why none of the cables released on WikiLeaks are critical of
Israel disregarding the tension over negotiations between Hamas, Abbas
and the Palestinian Leadership.
With WikiLeaks, supposedly, having over 4000 documents in their
possession that have been sent between Tel Aviv and the US Government,
none seem to be at all critical of Israel.
This alone is enough to drive a good conspiracy theorist into a
tizz, but add into the melting pot a statement from Israeli Prime
Minister that was reported in Haaretz, “Israel has not been damaged at
all by the WikiLeaks publications,” and the gossip is off and flying.
This is all conclusive evidence, for the lunatic fringe, that
Mossad has done a deal with WikiLeaks to suppress any information that
could potentially damage Israel.
Ho Hum, so many of us love a good conspiracy theory. Another
theory: maybe Israel is careful about the information that passes
between itself and governments.  

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