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Breaking News      Gnosis Hackers Decrypt Gawker Data: Find Predictable Passwords ‘123456’ or ‘Password’
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17 December 2010

Gnosis Hackers Decrypt Gawker Data: Find Predictable Passwords ‘123456’ or ‘Password’ 
Over 3000 people use the password ‘123456’ a further 1,119 people
use ‘password’ as their password, according to Gawker, the New York
based weblog magazine.  
The release the information has come to light since the website’s
encrypted data system was hacked into last weekend by Gnosis, a group of
hackers, who attacked the magazine as being “arrogant”.  
In a shockingly clever publicity stunt hackers gained access into
details the 1.3 million subscribers held by the magazine and threatened
to publish the information, including passwords.
“Gawker Media is in the process of trying to transform into a technology company;this
is a hard thing to do when your source code is thoroughly compromised,”
reported blogger Felix Salmon and reported in Geekosystem.
In response Gawker magazine has sent out a request that all users change their passwords. 
Given most of us have small memory for passwords we use and reuse
and then use again the same passwords, for bank accounts, facebook,
Being able to access Gawker data base potentially could cause enormous problems for users of the site.
We are repetitive and predictable so just to help to avoid getting
caught in a common password trap here are some of our most used
passwords according to What’s My Password:
The 5 most common:
1. 123456
2. password
3. 12345678
4. 1234
5. pussy 
It seems that there are themes, easy numbers, sport and sex.  At
number 12 our most common choice is ‘basketball’  and at 20 our it’s
So pass on those!
If anyone can add anything to this article please email Mary Banfield (who knows nothing about technology but wants to learn):
All (reasonable) comments or advice will be uploaded onto the site.
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