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Breaking News      Sale Of Comics With “Extreme Sexual Acts” Limited In Tokyo
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14 December 2010

Sale Of Comics With “Extreme Sexual Acts” Limited In Tokyo
In Japan 22% of all book sales are comics. 
Its a comic book culture that is shared from generation to
generation, for men, women in Japan, comics are an innate part of life. 
Chain stores are littered around the nation, including Toranoana with 15 stores in major cities around Japan.  
They depict everything in Japanese life, certainly they are not
just for entertainment.  Comics share history,  are a part of education
and of course with stories of love, to danger to, violence and sex.  
It the minds of young people being exposed to extreme sex that the
government has begun to wonder what limits their should be set on
selling these comics. 
After months of negotiation the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly which
governs the Tokyo district has passed a new law that sets boundaries on
stores selling comic books which illustrate of rape, criminal acts,
incest and “unduly lauding or exaggerating” sexual acts.
After mounting criticism from comic book owners who argue that the
bill will limit freedom of speech and stifle creativity what has been
passed is that stores can’t sell such comics to young people under 18.
While the bill relies on stores to implement the law, through self regulation comic book owners are threatening further action.
Ten of the major publishers including Kadokawa Group Publishing, Kodansha, Shueisha issued a
joint statement Friday boycotting the Tokyo
International Anime Fair has been programmed for March next year.

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Thanks to Mika who sent in the following website with comments about Child Pornography laws in Japan.
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