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11 December 2010

Hear About Sarah Palin’s Book, That No-one Wants To Read
It was expected to be a best seller, a book written by the former
American Vice Presidential Candidate and a potential Presidential runner
in the 2012 election.
She rode to extraordinary heights with the rise of the Tea Party,
an organization that became a major influence on the Republicans almost
overnight.  But now it seems, as she tours through America as a star, a
celebrity, no-one it seems is really that interested in reading her
Sales of “America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag”,
a sweet title and memoir of her meeting and greeting people in the
small towns across the nation have been classed as lackluster.
While the publisher HarperCollins printed 1 million copies, and was
ready to do a second print run of the book, it seems there will be no
Have we run out of steam for the Sarah Palin brand? 
Compared this to her first book “Going Rogue” that became the
second fastest selling book in history and had it’s third print run
within 3 days of it’s launch.
Going Rogue was seen as Palin’s defense of her performance as
Senator John McCain’s Vice Presidential running candidate and a launch
pad for the up and coming Tea Party.
Will we get another book from Sarah Palin?  Any one with a suggestion as to what it should be called…… 
Um, no response… just Silence.

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Many thanks to Patricia for sending in the following book suggestions:
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Who really is the
father of her first born Track?
Who really is the
mother of her special needs child Trig?
Why would Ms. Palin
need to enact a gag order to Levi Johnston and could he really be held to a
legal gag order being under the age of 18?




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