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Breaking News      Another Horrendous Vampire Crime: “V” Burnt Into Forehead Of 17 Year Old
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10 December 2010 
Another Horrendous Vampire Crime: “V” Burnt Into Forehead Of 17 Year Old
He was called a “wannabe Vampire” by 20 year old Evan Francis Brown, known as “Vamp”.
The young 17 year old had been hanging around Vamp’s house with
other friends, who considered themselves to be satanists, or vampires.
On the walls blood had been previously smeared, witchcraft books lay on tables while Satan symbols were scattered on the walls.
The afternoon went horrendously wrong when the teenager was lured into what he believed was a game lead by Brown.
Brown tied him up, tight so he was unable to move.  From his chair
he watched as Brown heated a fork on the stove, then laid it, red hot,
onto his forehead, burning a “V” into the skin.
After cigarettes were burnt into his arms and the young man bashed
by Vamp, he was left in agony for over an hour until others in the house
picked him up and delivered him to the local hospital emergency in
Alabama USA.
Yesterday Police announced that Brown was charged with second degree assault.
Its far from the first time that young people have indulged in the
fantasy of vampires, the drinking of blood and showing total disregard
for another human being.
Over the years there have been endless reports of Vampire murders.
In 2002 a 90 year old Welsh woman, Mabel Leyshon, was stabbed by her 17 year old paper boy, Mathew Hardman. 
What police found in her house on the day of her murder shocked the nation. 
Her body was mutilated, her heart removed and placed on a silver
plate then laid next to her body as the young man drank her blood the
court was told.
Hardman received a 12 year prison sentence for the death of Mabel Leyshon.
In a sadistic murder in 2008 two lovers kissed over the dead body
of a young woman they had just murdered as a sign of their love for each
The two women had hit the semi-naked 16 year old, Stacey Mitchell, 
over the head with a concrete block, then placed a chain around her
neck, pulling it tight until she died.  
In a frenzy the women took a video of the body lying in amongst her blood splattered bedroom.
Its the macabre and sadistic acts which victims are subjected that
arouses such outrage from the community but more so the humiliation that
will stay with the families of the young people who die.  Or in the
case of the “wanna be Vampire” he will have to live with a burn scar
that will remain with him for the rest of his life.

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Mary Banfield:

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Many thanks to Johnson John for sending in the following comment!
Hi Mary. 
Vampirism and Satanism are the two brutal cultures passed on ONLY
through movies. A viewer who was never interested in these, later gets
inspired and develops an interest for these. And this is how it ends up
in crimes. Serious seekers of such cultures don’t need movies or never
indulge in crimes, because there is much more to it other than these
meager acts of inhumanity. What kids see is what they do. So stop
showing them. It’s about time the movie makers meet and discuss their
do’s and dont’s to save society.
Johnson John
Thanks also to Deakon for sending in the following comments!
Hello Mary,

 I had to check out the various articles you posted and I really
started to wonder if these are really Vampire Crimes or sensationalized
conjecture? In the case of Mathew Hardman he never claimed he was a vampire and
said he had a “subtle interest” in Vampires. The news articles I have
read states he drank blood and believed it would turn him into a vampire, but
they also say he denied doing such a thing. So is this a Vampire Crime or
the News media putting a flashy headline on a story to draw more readers based
of limited info and a lot of hype?

 Then checking into the Stacey Mitchell case really confounded me as
Stacey Mitchell was killed by a couple, and no mentioned of Vampires or
Satanism was ever made.

 Then looking at this case you posted, sure the kid is a Sadist
Psychopath but a Vampire? Just because he gave himself the nickname of
“Vamp” and had witchcraft books he bought at the local chain
bookstore doesn’t mean he was a self proclaimed Vampire Satanist…just a
Sadistic Psychopath.

I am sorry but this really just looks like another case like Shelby
Ellis where the family and news protrayed a Dark Vampire Cult as having
kiddnapped Shelby. As it turned out the girl simply ran away from home, it had
nothing to do with vampires.

Now I realize that right now the media focus is on Vampires thanks to
Twilight and True Blood but give us a break.


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