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Breaking News      Saudi Arabia Capture Mossad Spy: A Very Clever Zionist Vulture
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05 January 2011

Saudi Arabia Capture Mossad Spy: A Very Clever Zionist Vulture
The world of espionage in Saudi Arabia flew into the a tizz
yesterday as a lone vulture strayed into the territory to be immediately
detained by Saudi officials, leaving others scratching their heads in
disbelieve at such a ridiculous scenario.
Mossad is now believed by some in the Arab community to control a
variety of animals, being used by Israel to spy on foreign powers. 
Last month an Egyptian official on national television blamed
Mossad for shark attacks that killed one tourist in the Red Sea resort
of Sharm el-Sheikh. 
In the latest undercover operation a Vulture, trained by the
Israeli secret service was accused of mounting a “Zionist plot” against
Saudi Arabia.
Officials became concerned after a tag was identified on the bird. 
Scientists at the Tel Aviv University have been studying the birds
migration by placing a transmitter around it leg to collect vital
It’s been a difficult time for the Israeli secret services still
recovering from the publicity surrounding the murder of Hamas official
Mahmoudal-Mabhouh in a hotel in Dubai on January 20, 2010.
Warnings are expected to be issued to check pigeons, doves and mosquitoes for Mossad surveillance equipment.

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