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Headlines      Hackers Unite For WikiLeaks, Targeting Mastercard, Visa: Go Hackers!
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09 December 2010
Hackers Unite For WikiLeaks, Targeting Mastercard, Visa: Go Hackers!
Julian Assange sits in a British prison, now labeled a terrorist, rapist and a spy.  Governments, the mass media and businesses  around the world have dumped the man responsible to leaking critical government documents through the website WikiLeaks.
It’s been a concerted effort by world leaders to destroy the reputation and silence a man who simply showed the world what was being said behind government desks.
Ironic given western nations have run as a major platform the need for transparent government.  It seem transparency is only acceptable, to a point.
The political defense by governments has been to pressure media and business to stop any association with WikiLeaks.   In Australia the government was considering asking the major media outlets to have a blackout on all information published from the website.
From his prison cell Assange has found some powerful alleys.  Hackers from around the world are targeting companies and government who have worked against WikiLeaks.
Mastercard today acknowledged that it’s Secure Code system for verifiying credit card information has been disrupted after being targeted by hackers after the company refused to process payments to WikiLeaks.
The Swedish Government department responsible for laying the charges of rape against Assarge have also been disrupted as has paypal and other major companies who are removing themselves from the political storm.
On twitter it’s been reported that over a million people have joined the public campaign to support a man who must be feeling very dumped on at this moment.
Go Hackers!

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Julian Assange sits in a British jail, he’s been called a terrorist, a rapist and a spy.  He’s been criticized by world leaders, including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton while the mass media begins to shut him out world opinion has swung against the man who created WikiLeaks. 
From behind the injustice he now faces a small group of very powerful people have struck back.  Hackers from around the world have begun targeting organizations who have made it difficult for WikiLeaks operate, the latest is Mastercard, Visa and the Swedish Government agencies responsible for bringing the charges of rape against Assange.
Already Mastercard has acknowledged that their Secure Code system, used to verify cards has been disrupted, the day it stopped processing payments to WikiLeaks.
The world is divided on the validity of Assange’s actions to release of government documents, between those who believe his actions criminal, and those who support his emercy brave moves that have resulted in governments, world leaders and diplomats being embarrassed.
There many believe that governments have mounted a unprecedented campaign to try and halt the flow of information that has embarrased almost all state leaders.
Ironically nations have heralded transparency as a major platform of western governments are clouding over the issue through a targeted campaign against one man and WikiLeaks.
Go Hackers!

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