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Headlines      Bill For Online Gambling Being Pushed In USA
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06 December 2010
 Bill For Online Gambling Being Pushed In The USA
Online gambling in America is estimated to be worth over $5 billion to offshore investors.
It’s a huge amount of revenue for those able to run websites from outside the country. 
Four years ago legislation was passed that prohibited American Casinos and others involving in the gaming industry from operating online gambling in the US. 
Today a push to change the law has been disclosed as draft legislation is planned to be introduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  The aim of the legislation is to open the industry to allow licensed organizations, casinos and racecourse operators to offer poker and other games through the internet.
Already the line in the sand has been drawn between two distinct camps in the casino debate.

For those pushing for the legalization of online gambling the argument is about the basic freedom of individuals is to spend the money the way they choose.

Yet others stand firmly opposed to making gambling any more accessible that it already is.  Online gambling is there in your home, in your office, instantly there, and for those players who have developed or will potentially develop gambling problems the dangers are potentially phenomenal.  
Anyone who knows anyone who has been addicted to gambling would be familiar with the destructive nature of the illness.   Homes are lost, families destroyed.  In a very short period of time and sometimes with no signs the house a family has grown up with is gone, the nest egg, the superannuation, all that security that has been built up by a family can seemingly disappear overnight. 
      “By 1994, a considerable body of evidence showed that the expansion of
legalized gambling destroys individuals, wrecks families, increases
crime, and ultimately costs society far more than the government makes,” says Bernard P Horn, Is there A Cure For America’s Gambling Addition?
It’s been estimated that 1.1% of American adults in 1997 were considered to have a gambling problem that was classed as pathological.
The individual stories of how people become seduced by gambling, for company, to avoid boredom or just to pass the day hanging around a place designed to keep you, especially you, entertained are littering the internet.
As the industry gears up to debate the bill to be introduced by Harry Reid we can only hope that equally significant measures are put in place to reduce the harm on those who loose control when gambling.

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