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06 December 2010


“e-cigarette” Leak Nicotine, Bad For Your Health, May As Well Stick To The Real Thing
With another drawing of breathe the nicotine flows into the blood
stream, clear the throat, another breathe, and yes, we all know the
dangers of smoking.   All one billion of us who smoke are most likely
aware of the dangers, and yet we keep puffing away.
There is something about smoking, its the routine, the click of the
packet as it unfolds, the pulling out of the long white cigarette, the
match as its hits the end.  Its so tactile, the touch of fingers to your
mouth with that slight burning as the smokes goes down into your lungs.
Why else would we do it, and why don’t we stop?
As part of the bid for zero tolerance for cigarettes the market is
riddled with patches, gum, counseling are thrust at us, with dreadful
messages, ‘if you don’t stop you’ll kill yourself. And your family!” 
All this maybe government and medical professors caring for our
well being.  But in the end how can a patch compare to that moment when a
cigarette touches your lips, your mouth forms a tight circle around
it’s end and then that smoke is yours.
There has been one almost genuine alternative offered, the
‘e-cigarette’.  This product is supposed to be about harm reduction. 
They won’t take away my cigarette but they can make it safe for me to
smoke is the theory.
While when you think of an ‘e-cigarette’ it’s not improbable that
people would think it’s some virtual cigarette you suck on through the
internet.  It’s a deceptive title but stands for electronic cigarette.  
A cartridge is inserted into every cigarette that vaporized nicotine as well as other potentially harmful components.
“E-Cig has no fire, no tar, no carbon monoxide, no ash, no stub. E-Cig
lets you enjoy and satisfy those tactile taste sensations without any
risk on smoking and on tobacco,” says the website
It’s a growing market, with some 300,000 estimates sales of the product in 2009.  
Yet researchers at the University of California, Riverside are now questioning how much value there is in e-cigarettes.
“As a result, some people believe that e-cigarettes are a safe
substitute for conventional cigarettes,” said Prue Talbot UC Riverside’s
Stem Cell Center said in a report released on the 3rd December 2010.
In testing 5 brands the study found cartridges leaked so that
nicotine, and whatever chemicals they throw in with the tobacco are just
going straight into the atmosphere.
Other concerns were that simply we weren’t being told enough about the product nor it’s potential dangers.
This year in America alone 440,000 deaths were attributed to smoking related illnesses.
You can buy e-cigarettes for $6.50 for 5.  Umm yes, yes that’s right, expensive and maybe not that good for you.
But now that packet of old style cigarettes is empty. Time to puff and splutter as we walk down the shops for another cigarette.

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Thanks to Penny Z for the following comment :
Dear Harriet,
I was a bit dismayed by your article.  All the
facts are not there and that is a problem.  The FDA refuses to do any
studies in the US on e-cigarettes.  They tested 18 cartridges and found
Ethylene glycol in a minute
amount in one cartridge.  They came out with an article that this is the
same substance found in anti-freeze.  The failed to mention that this is
the main ingredient used by tobacco companies every day to dry tobacco and is
found in every cigarette you smoke.
Now they are saying that the cartridges contain
nitrosamines, a carcinogen, however they do not give the rest of the facts, such
that the levels as reported by Health New Zealand are below toxic levels. 
They also forgot to mention that these same nitrosamines are in the patch,
lozenge and gum that the FDA has approved, not to mention the extremely
high levels of this carcinogen that are present in each and every cigarette
you smoke.
The research done by Rverside’s Stem Cell Center
(how appropriate are these researchers to this subject) found that some
cartridges leaked and the substance goes into the atmosphere. Hmmm, what do you
suppose happens when a cigarette is burning?  What happens with the
nicotine when the the patch is taken out of the package and applied?  The
nicotine gets on your skin.  How many children have been made ill by
chewing the NRT gum thinking it was candy along with the cherry flavored NRT
Research by qualified Smoking cessation scientists
have proven the effectiveness of the e-cigarette as a harm reduction alternative
to smoking, along with the fact that those who want to quit cigarettes have a
80% success rate compared to the 7% of the US marketed NRT products. 
Please take a look at the following for some real facts:


Lega Italiana Anti

Prof. Polosa is leading three additional research studies in Italy on using
electronic cigarettes for reduction of smoking. The description of his current
research can be read here:

If a boat is found to be safe in other countries that
have tested its stability, does this mean a drowning person here in the US
should not grab on to it because we have not researched it ourselves?

Yet here we are in the good old USA with the FDA
being bought and sold by the pharmaceutical companies and big tobacco to sell
out millions of lives for the sake of their profits at the taxpayers
expense.  Imagine the national debt without having more than 400,000 people
a year here in the US being treated and then dying from smoking and second-hand
smoke with the medical costs being paid by taxpayers.

The fact is; that after using every NRT product on
the market and every smoking cessation therapy (hypnosis, laser therapy and
acupuncture) I was unable to quit smoking until I started using an
e-cigarette.  I have been tobacco free since March and I feel great, I no
longer huff and puff on my way down to the corner store to buy another carton of
cigarettes.  I no longer huff and puff at all.  My lung volume has
improved and I feel great.  After 40 years of smoking a pack and a half to
2 packs a day, I have no desire to smoke a rolled tobacco cigarette at

But we face the bombardment of mis-information that
is being sent out as part of a campaign to kill the e-cigarette in the US. 
A campaign financed by pharmaceutical companies in the form of large donations
to get the right people to say the wrong things.  Instead of financing
research in an honest study of e-cigarettes here, they would rather eliminate
them all together.  Too much money is generated by sales of NRT and of
course in cigarettes themselves to risk the loss of profits.  How about the
loss of lives being considered for once.  E-cigarettes saved my lives and
the lives of my family.  Let’s get the honest facts out there,
before relying on the ridiculous claims by the study you quoted. 
Come on now, let compare the real risks of smoking cigarettes to this
proven harm reduction alternative.

Thank you for allowing me to clear the air about

Kind regards,

Penny Z.
Thanks for you comments Penny
By the way congratulations for giving up!!!! 
Cheers Harriet

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