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Breaking News       Qatar Will Have Sharia Law By Soccer World Cup
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03 December 2010

 Qatar Will Have Sharia Law By Soccer World Cup
As hundreds of thousands of soccer fans descend on Qatar in 2022
the nation will be an Islamic state run under Shariah law. So come the
warning from Muslim extremists.
Those fans who arrive in the Middle-eastern nation expected an
unbridled time of drinking, sex and fun maybe in for a great big
surprise.  All but fun in the name of God are outlawed under sharia law.
By 2022 Qatar will no longer be the nation of Qatar but part of a
extended Islamic nation says extremists, according to documents
uncovered by (not WikiLeaks) the US based SITE Intelligence Group and
published in France24.
As Russia hosts the games warriors in the Caucasus’s will divert
the attention of officials causing such disruption that the revolution
will be swift in Qatar.
A dark warning from other extremists who wrote:

     “We will win the cup and medals, and we will seize some heads of the
cross and apostates. Maybe there will be captives.”

Lets hope the most action for 2022 will be on the soccer field.

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