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Breaking News      China Profiles Hackers: Money Making, Specialized And To Be Very Very Feared
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02 December 2010
China Profiles Hackers: Money Making, Specialized And To Be Very Very Feared
A new report has been released by the National Internet Emergency
Center that profiles Hackers as not in the business for fun, but to make
money.  Hackers are evidently very skill, in fact specializing in this
area of computer work and cleverly avoid detection through using
overseas networks.
In recent years the Chinese Government’s has become increasingly
concerned over its computer network being susceptible to hacking. 
“The current situation of our crackdown on hacker attacks is still very
grim and the number of hacker attacks and sabotage activities in China
are still high,” an unnamed official reported last month to Reuters.
This year Police launched a campaign to bust 450 hackers in a
concerted campaign to crack down on attacks on Government networks.
Reports that up to 30% of all global attacks are in China and now
the National Internet Emergency Center claims that 4800 host computers
were under control of a Botnet virus.
A Botnet virus is able to invade a computer, leaving whoever is in
control of the virus and can be used as a host for activities such as
selling products, financial scams or to shutdown a website through a
targeted campaign.
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