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Headlines      Shark Attacks Four At Beach Resort
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02 December 2010
Shark Attacks Four At Beach Resort
It was an idyllic beach holiday, the waters of the Red Sea were warm as holiday makers relaxed, swimming close to the beach in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula.
It was Tuesday morning when from what is known a 70 year woman holidaying from Russia noticed the shark as it circled around her then slowly moved in towards its victim.  
In the vicious attack the woman lost her right hand and her left leg.
She was not the first injury that day.   Authorities believe the same shark earlier that morning had attacked another middle-aged woman who swimming in the same vicinity.  In this incident the woman was bitten on both her legs. 
As the ocean filled with blood rescuers were able to pull the woman to shore.  In shock after the attack the woman suffered a heart attack, but was resuscitated on shore, then taken to a hospital in Cairo.
These were not the first victims of the shark with authorities announcing that another two people were in the past days attacked by a shark.
As an emergency response the government has forced the beach to be closed for the next two days until the shark can be tracked down.
The Ocean White Tip Shark is known for its willingness to attack people. As a slow moving shark it is usually is found in deep waters but it is also re-known as the third most aggressive of sharks who go on feeding frenzies.  In time past sailors referred to the shark as sea dogs, given their behavior.
In Egypt alone this year two people have already died from shark attacks, most likely attributed to the Ocean Whitetip Shark.

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