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29 November 2010
Iran: Nuclear Scientist Blown Up
The world of espionage has come alive again as the news from Tehran emerges that there was an assassination attempt of two of Iran’s leading nuclear physicists.
It began on Monday morning when Majid Shahriari and his wife were driving to work through the city when a bomb, attached to his car was remotely detonated. Professor Shahriari died immediately while his wife survived with severe injuries.
In another part of town, his co-worker, Fereydoon Abbasi, was attacked in a similar way yet he was able to survive the explosion.
Authorities believe that the bombs were attached to the cars by several motorbike riders who have not been identified.
Both scientist have been closely associated with the government of Iran, with association with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Abbasi was believed to have worked recently for the Ministry of Defense, while Shahriari had been involved in the Revolutionary Guards dating back to the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
The Iranian media has already accused the west and Israel of being responsible for the morning raid.
A similar attack on one of Iran’s leading Nuclear Scientists earlier this year.  It is assumed that the expertise to develop a nuclear lies in the hands of only a few people.  By targeting those people Iran’s Nuclear program will at least be delayed.

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