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Breaking News      Venezuela Sends Suitcases Bulging With Cash To Nicaragua: No Comment From Chavez
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09 December 2010

Venezuela Sends Suitcases Bulging With Cash To Nicaragua: No Comment From Chavez
It’s the latest controversy to emerge from WikiLeaks documents
reveal that President Daniel Ortega, of Nicaragua, received suitcases
full of cash, sent directly from Venezuela, according to US diplomats.
     “We have first-hand reports that (Nicaraguan) officials
receive suitcases full of cash from Venezuelan officials during official
trips to Caracas,” according to official documents emerging from the
U.S. Embassy in Managua, connected with Ortega re-election bid in
Historically the small Central American nation has been through
political turmoil.  In 1979 a new revolutionary government was formed
after the leftwing Sandinista movement deposed what was widely viewed as
a corrupt administration under President Somaza.
The American Government supported various groups to build
opposition to the growing influence of leftist groups in the region.  In
Nicaragua the Contra’s maneuvered a political movement within the
nation pushing for a democratically elected government. 
In 1990, the Sandinistan Government bowed to public presure and the
first national elected was called since the revolution.  To the
surprise of the world the Saninistans lost power as a coalition of
parties formed a block under the leadership of Violeta Chamorro.
It wasn’t until 2006 the Sandinistas under Daniel Ortega won power back in the national election.  

To win in 2006, Ortega received 350,000 barrels of oil directly
from Venezuela.  With faltering utilities blackouts in the run-up to the
election were common and when the diesel flowed freely from
the oil rich nation of Venezuela, the Sandinistas reelection bid was
boosted, according to The Guardian (10 October 2006).
Still influenced by leftwing politics his government has continued
to form a strong relationship with the leftist Venezuelan Government
under President Hugo Chavez.
Both Presidents are known for their public criticism of the West, capitalism and in particular the United States. 
WikiLeaks documents indicate that in 2008, as much as $500 million
was sent from Venezuela to fund the municipal elections in which were
important for Ortega to perform well in. 
As the documents were released the governments of both Venezuela and Nicaragua remained silent.
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