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27 November 2010
Gorgeous And Angry: Protest Topless Says 300 Women From Ukraine
They are young, intelligent women angry about the levels of
domestic violence and corruption what’s more they are annoyed when the
Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin pranced into town last month.
Now 300 young women are demanding attention from the government by
protesting almost naked, and it’s creating the storm they predicted.
“If sexuality is used to sell cars and cookies, why not use it for social and political projects,” said 26 year old Anna Hutsul told the Moscow Times.
She is one of the up and coming leaders of
the group who have for years cried foul over issues that affect women,
including sentence to death by stoning of 43 year old Iranian, Sakineh
Mohammadi Ashtiani.
It was at a pajama party 2 years ago that the
movement began in student dormitories where the most basic items where
denied, including enough running water.  In protest the bikini clad
women drove to a local fountain in protest.
It wasn’t long before the young, stunning
women realized the power, attention and influence that could be gaining
from being proud and in control and to show off your body.
From humble beginnings the women moved on to
protest against the treatment of prostitutes and discrimination but soon
turned into a broad ranging political movement where the women have set
the policy agenda fighting for a strong representative democracy and
freedom of speech.
Their actions are not without danger, with
the police often arresting the women over public nudity which is
outlawed in the Ukraine.
Gaining attention not only at home in Ukraine, but around the world
Hutsul has just announced that she intends to create a new political
party and run in the next election for parliament.


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