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Breaking News      Outrage Over Video Of Police Cutting Off Young Woman’s Shirt and Bra
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26 November 2010

Outrage Over Video Of Police Cutting Off Young Woman’s Shirt and Bra
She was wrongly fully detained, pinned down by Police and had the
final humiliation of her shirt and bra being cut off by male officers.
Two years ago, 27 year old Stacey Bond was taken into custody by Ottawa Police. 

During an unrelated incident police puller her over and
disregarding a criminal check that showed she had never been arrested,
or charged for any offense before decided to take her into custody.

Canadian Civil Rights group, Ottawa Citizen, have forced the
release of a video of the events which emerged after she was taken to
the holding cell. 
The video shows the young woman being roughly handled by up to five
officer, including 3 men.  From the video it appears that her hair is
torn from her head, then she is forced to the ground and kneed by
Special Constable Melanie Morris.
Yet more worrying is that 3 male officers then fetch a pair of
scissors and cut the young woman’s shirt then bra as she is held down on
the floor.
After watching the video Judge Richard Lajoie stated:
is no reasonable explanation … to have cut Ms. Bonds’ shirt and bra
off, and there is no reason, apart from vengeance and malice.”
Throughout Canada there has been outrage as the video goes public showing the horror that this young woman was subjected to.
Until an investigation into the events is completed there will be no action taken against the police.
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