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Breaking News      Death Of Young TV Star During Face Grinding Plastic Surgery Highlights Risks
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25 November 2010
Death Of Young TV Star During Face Grinding Plastic
Surgery Highlights Risks

24 year old Wang Bei  was rising to the top
of the world, beautiful, a highly successful contestant in the
enormously popular talent show “Super Girl”.  Last week after Wang Bei
died during plastic surgery to grind back her jaw.

From 2004 to 2006 Super Girl was the most popular
television show, similar to Pop Idol, which brought female contestants to sing
their way, some to fame. 
Following up on
her success Wang featured in another highly successful television
show, Dream China.

It was here the young 22 year old Wang Bei became a
household name chilling audiences with her beauty and enormous talent.

As her ambition to rise to stardom so did her belief in
the need to change her looks. 

On November 15, Wang Bei was put to sleep with a general aesthetic
believing the surgery would reduce the size of her jaw bone.  During the procedure the surgeon would have sawed
through the jaw bone then reconnect it with wires and titanium
plates screwed into the skull.

The visual affect is to alter the look by making the jaw thinner
or less protruding.

Beauty was obviously important to the family as Wang and
her mother that day, 15th November both went under the plastic surgeon’s

The problems began when the doctor sliced a blood
vessel.  The flow of the blood couldn’t
be stopped as it flooded into her lungs.
As young people, and old opt increasingly for plastic surgery many
ignore that there are risks, serious risks.  Not only can the surgery
leave a patient with infections, wound separation, where the skin does
not repair itself leaving scaring.  
Even in America death can occur at an astonishing rate.  20 per
100,000 elective operations (plastic surgery) occur, compare this to
16.4 out of 100,000 traffic deaths (1996).  
The quest for celebrity status can be cruel forcing young people to take actions that others many never even consider.
Had it been successful the surgery may have assisted this young
woman to obtain her dream.  Yet now her family, friends and fans will
have to pause and think about the tragedy of loosing this talented young

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