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Headlines      Graffiti Artist Banksy Strikes Again With ‘No Future’
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24 November 2010
Graffiti Artist Banksy Strikes Again With ‘No Future’
The mysterious world of Graffiti Artists has been once again set on fire with a new mural appearing in Southampton, on the south coast of England.  Rumors are mounting that it is a work by the world re-known graffiti artist Bansky.
Yesterday on a wall in the city was spray painted with the words screaming “No Future” above a picture of a small child holding a red balloon.
Inside England Bansky is a invisible celebrity, his identity is not known.  His most controversial work at home was in 2004 printing when extremely high quality forgeries of ten pound notes were distributed with the Queens head substituted with that of Lady Diana.
In 2007 graffiti covered London train and was removed by the authorities, ironic given today images associated with Banksy are sought after by some of our most famous celebrities including Kate Moss and Christina Aguilina.  

It’s not only in England his works appear.  In 2005 pictures of paradise appeared on the 680 kilometer divide between Gaza and Israel.  He stated ironically that the wall was “the ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers.”


In the shadowy world of graffiti it is the culture for some artists to rise above all, being regarded as hero’s, celebrities amongst the young community.  Their identity is generally kept a secret, most likely arising from the illegal nature of their work.  
Once an artist gets a reputation no-one involved will cover what has now gone from being graffiti to art. 
Yet no other graffiti artist has risen to fame as Banksy.   It’s the combination of mystery, politics and satire that have chiseled his name the book of the great artists of the modern world.
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