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Headlines      Ugly Betty Actor Accused Of Decapitating Mother
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24 November 2010

Ugly Betty Actor Accused Of Decapitating Mother
Actor Michael Brea is believed to have been taken into custody after his 55 year old mother, Yannick Brea was found dead in her Prospect Height’s Apartment.
Neighbors reported hearing the 31 year old Brea chasing his mother while screaming exerts from the bible then hollering “repent”. 
Brea is now reported to being held in hospital where he is expected to be assessed for mental health issues.
Few details of the murder have been released, yet it is known that the apartment was covered in blood, and a samurai sword had been used in the crime according to the New York Police Department. 
Michael Brea was known as an actor on one of the most successful programs of recent times, Ugly Betty and “Step-Up 3D”.

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