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Headlines      3 Cheers For Church Of England Bishop Who Slams Kate Middleton and Prince William
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22 November 2010
3 Cheers For The Church Of England Bishop Slams Kate Middleton and Prince William
In an unexpected outburst a prominent British Bishop yesterday harshly criticized the monarchy.  Prince William and Kate Middleton came in for a thrashing being described as “Shallow Celebrities” and the monarchy was called “corrupt and Sexist”. 
Finally someone has come out and said what so any many are thinking.  So many people have asked has the world become so wrapped in a marriage between undeserving celebrities? Yet their voices have remained in the shadows.
Further pushing the boundary Pete Broadbent has come out swinging against the royal divorces calling the family Philanders and adding that such “breakups cost and arm and a leg”.
With Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding their engagement ring cost 30,000 pounds, her dress 9000 pounds while their divorce cost an estimated 17 million pounds.
During the 1990’s we were forced to watch, read and consume endless reports of Charles and Dianna’s marriage woe’s, then the public breakdown of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew took center stage as tragedies around the world were pushed off the front pages of newspapers to make way for the highlights of Sarah’s many romances etc.
It was on Facebook that our hero Bishop announced his thoughts to the world.  Broadbent has been a Bishop for the past 10 years for the Church of England.  As a passionate campaigner around issues that affect young people.  He is no stranger to controversy after supporting the printing of T-Shirts for young people that say “Drug F*** You Up”.
As a representative of the Church of England standing up and making such statements is a risk.  Already the media have taken sides against Broadbent calling him arrogant, un-Christian – creating a storm that is unlikely to go away soon.
To Bishop Broadbent we say “say it again, say it louder” it’s what so many of us are thinking.

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Thanks for your comment Catherine: 

Well, I hope and pray that this Christian man, Bishop Broadbent, will

a)      pray for William and Catherine daily that they’ll do God’s will, grow in wisdom and love and support one another;

b)      repent wagering against the frailty of a newly engaged couple (“I’ll give them 7 years”);

c)       remember
Jesus’ warning against calling other people fools – it’s an admonition
against pride, prideful judgment and destruction of the dignity of
others; and

d)      think
again about adding to the millstone around the neck of William, the
child of a woman who was hounded and killed by the purveyors of

Bishop Broadbent can appear at the
wedding and when the presiding official asks if any person knows why
this couple should not marry, he can stand up and be counted: he can say
“ I know this couple not to be Christians, not to love one another, but
only to be the rankest celebrities abusing their position”. He can do
that if he believes what he says.

Catherine G. Uffen, M.A., J.D.


Bishop Pete Broadbent
Malia for pointing out our error, 
Hi Mary i think you have misprinted shouldn’t it be Kate Middleton & Prince William not his handsome hot uncle Prince Andrew?
We apologize for the error.  Thanks Malia

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