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Breaking News      Internet Dating Site Scandal Threatens Dutch Government
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19 November 2010
Internet Dating Site Scandal Threatens Dutch Government
James Sharpe, a Dutch MP, has resigned after his Hungarian based
Online Dating Service was implicated in using models to set up false
His company, Digitania, has been fined 256,000 Euros for misleading
customers into believing that women where available for dating, yet
were simply there to lure customers onto the site.
The member of parliament is also believed to be preparing for
allegations from his former girlfriend that he abused her during their 3
year relationship during the 1980’s.
Sharpe is one of 24 members of government who represent the far
right “Party For Freedom” (PVV).  Since the election this year the PVV
have helped form a minority government lead by Mark Rutte, People’s
Party For Freedom and Democracy.
The Prime Minister was only able to form government by forming a
coalition with the Christian Democratic Appeal and Geert Wilder’s Party
For Freedom.
When the Dutch government was formed a cringe was felt around
Europe who had watched the PVV campaign on an anti-immigration and for
the abolition of the minimum wage.
While the PVV is now able to appoint another representative to
replace James Sharpe it further undermines the credibility of the party.

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