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Headlines      Love Between Christian Man And Muslim Woman Sets Town On Fire
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18 November 2010
Love Between Christian Man and Muslim Woman Sets Town On Fire
Ten houses were destroyed when tensions flared in the small town of
al-Nawahid in Qena province, 300 miles south of Cairo, Egypt.
Rumors that a relationship between a young Christian man and Muslim woman had started when the two were spotted after dark in a local cemetery together.  

The incident triggered outrage among the predominantly Muslim community.  The chaos spread through the village with 10 Christian houses being set on fire.  Police were forced to cut off the village fearing that the pandemonium would spread to other regions.

Christians make up only 10% of the population in Egypt but in the past furious clashes have taken place in the majority Muslim country.
Reports of a similar situation North of Cairo in the village of Abu Tesht have been reported where houses have been burnt to the ground over religious tension.

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