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Headlines      Huge Blow As The Tea Party Goes Cold In Sarah Palin’s Alaska
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17 November 2010
Huge Blow As The Tea Party Goes Cold In Sarah Palin’s Alaska

The Tea Party’s candidate Joe Miller seems unlikely to win the
hotly contested Senate seat in the Sarah Palin’s heartland.

With a lead of 1700 votes Lisa Murkowski now seems likely
to represent the state of Alaska.

In 2002 Murkowski was appointed to the Senate as the
Republican candidate.
This year in front of an international audience Sarah Palin, and Tea Party candidate Joe Miller beat Murkowski and won the right to represent the Republicans in the Midterm elections.
family has long been associated with the Republicans, in fact her seat was
formerly held by her father.  When Murkowski lost in August the Tea Party seemed destined to be the unstoppable new power in the Republican Party. 
Miller’s success was seen as a blow to the Republican establishment but now it’s
the Tea Party who seem to have gone sour with voters.

In a extraordinary turn of events Murkowski appears
likely to win the seat as a write-in candidate. 
It’s history in the making as she stands to be the second only candidate
to win a seat this way.

A write-in candidate relies on voters not ticking any
boxes printed onto an electoral form but votes write the name of their preferred
candidate as an indication of their vote.

This system is unique and only a few states off it as an

As the count draws to an end attention, will now shift to
Sarah Palin who’s own state has rejected her endorsed candidate.

As rumors mount that Sarah Palin intends to run for
President in 2012 questions will certainly be asked as to whether she has the
political skills to run as the Republicans candidate if her faction can’t even
win a senate seat in her home state.

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Many thanks to Ignatius Y. Ding for the following comment:
A loss in the Alaska contest for her chosen candidate for the US Senate shouldn’t stop Sarah Palin to seek presidency.  She can and should run for the office of Russian President.  That is not too far from where she is.  We have learned that she can see Russia from her house!!

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