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Headlines      Children Abandoned In Plymouth: Governments Ponder Increasing Baby Dumping
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Children Abandoned In Plymouth: Governments Ponder Increasing Baby Dumping

15 November 2010
She was a young victim of domestic violence and has now disappeared leaving
her two year old daughter and 10 month old baby son abandoned in the street.  In the babies pram the mother left her keys
to their house and her purse buried among other items.

It was only after neighbors heard the cries for help that
police rescued the distressed children and took them into care.  Neither of the parents have been located as
the children are handed over to social services.

In Western nations governments have the resources and legal mandate to
resume responsibility for the care of children when parents who choose to, or can’t
look after their own children.  For a woman who takes such drastic action they can feel relatively sure that ultimately their
children will be place into care.

In nations were that infrastructure and social commitments are less secure
babies are simply left to die.

Last month Patricia de Lille, a member of the South African
parliament challenged fathers to take responsibility for their
children after a tiny new born baby was found dumped in a manhole by a 24
year old truck driver.  In an impassioned
speech de Lille asked for understanding, for the pain the young woman would
have endured for 9 months trying to work out what her options are to care for
the child, that finally realizing that the best option for her was to abandoned the helpless
child, leaving it to die.

In Namibia a recent report, Baby Dumping and Infanticide,
Dianne Hubbard, highlighted the increasing accounts of baby dumping among
poorer communities.  Police estimates
show in 2003 there were 6 reported accounts of baby dumping, by 2007 that had
increased to 27.

Yet in the sewage system that support Namibia, workers interviewed
reported that every month around 28 bodies of infants are recovered from the
system, having been disposed of down toilets or other place that can conceal what was
once a young life.

The incidents of babies being dumped in rubbish bins in Malaysia have
worried the government so much it has considered radical action, the hanging of
mothers who abandoned their children. 
After 60 children were reported dumped from January to August this
year the nation is threatening the lives of young women, in a nation that
strongly frowns on pre-martial sex.

It’s drastic action to solve a problem that is only taken by a desperate

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