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Breaking News      Facebook Username: ‘God’ Faces Life In Prison
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Facebook Username: ‘God’ Faces Life In PrisonFacebook Username: ‘God’ Faces Life In Prison

His name is Walid Husayin, he is not God, but a young Palestinian
who set up a Facebook account under the name of God to post highly critical
entries about Islam. 

In the West Bank town of Qalqiliya, the 26 year old, has
now been found guilty of heresy and now faces a possible life sentence for the

From  appearances Husayin
was an unlikely critic of Islam.  He held
a secure family job as a barber.  To the
town folk he was a role model, a devout Muslim who prayed along with his father,
a Muslim scholar.

Yet unbeknown to the villagers for two years Husayin ran
a number of blogs and Facebook account, and the more his questioned the more
followers he attracted.  Before his
arrest 70,000, mainly from Arab countries, had clicked on his pages reading his
atheist believes and quotes that called Islam a blind faith. 

Outrage throughout the Arab world was driven by his claim
on Facebook to be God, and calling for those believers in Islam to smoke
marijuana.    While authorities trying to track down the
heretic pointed their fingers to the west, what riled them up more was
skill at being able to hide his identity among his own, for so long.

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