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China’s UFO shock event

It’s no secret that China is a UFO crazy nation and now
the news rocking the media there is a revelation that China’s air force sent up
jets to chase two enormous flying saucers that buzzed a number of air force runways
in 1998. If that isn’t spooky enough, according to the website and news outlet
Sohu the event was witnessed by at least one hundred personal including
generals. The UFO themselves were described as being the shape of “mushrooms
without stalks” or “Chinese straw hats” and were emitting glowing beams from
their rear sides.

The close encounter occurred over at least three runways
across China in the space of a few days and in one case the jets chased the
UFOs to twelve thousand feet however could not catch up with the craft which
eventually disappeared into space.

The question is were these earthly spy craft or UFOs of
alien origin?
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