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Breaking News      Russell Simmons and Jay-Z: Message Against Racism For Twinning Conference
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Russell Simmons and Jay-Z: Message Against Racism For Twinning Conference

“What’s hot is respect for people.  What’s not hot is hating people for their
color or religion,” was the message sent by Rappers Russell Simmons and Jay-Z
to the largest gathering of Muslims and Jews in the world.

This weekend 1000
people have come together for the main event of the month long Weekend of Twinning
Conference organized by Foundation for Ethnic Understanding.  With over 100 synagogues and 100 mosques represented
at the conference in New York the main focus will be how to combat the
increasing levels of racism faced by both Jews and Muslims.

In a world where Muslim and Jews in the Middle East seem increasingly
separated it’s a rare event that looks at the similarities of racism experienced
in Europe and America.

This year incidents of racism, particularly toward the
Muslim community, have skyrocketed triggered by the public protests over the
proposal to build an Islamic Community Center at Ground Zero.

It’s not just another talk fest with young people working towards
building communities with a big clean up their local streets and parks,
while others will be lobby local politicians to strengthen law
around Mosques and Synagogues.

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