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Breaking News      Monstr, The Hacker Who Created ZeuS Retires, Presumed Rich
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Monstr, The Hacker Who Created ZeuS Retires, Presumed Rich

The Russian Hacker who created the Trojan horse, ZeuS has
announced his retirement, underground forums reported today.

He’s probably one of the most successful entrepreneurs of
the hacking world for creating the computer virus, named ZeuS.  Monstr then
subcontracted it’s sale through middle men based around the globe. 

For up to $4000US buyers were given a licence to use the
software with a follow up service.  ZeuS
was designed to steal data from computers infected with the virus, by tracing
keystrokes.  The data was then referred
to a remote computer where it was stored, according to SecureWorks. 

It’s believed as the technology improved entire systems could
be taken over using the upgraded software, for a price.

Already scams that used ZeuS that have been publicly exposed include
when a couple from Manchester where arrested in 2009 for using the software to
target Facebook users to obtain information to allow access to bank accounts.

A far more wide spread scam was busted by the FBI last
month where a sophisticated international crime syndicate were able to hack
into the accounts of churches and small businesses in the USA.  With a heist of over $70 million foiled this
software clearly has put security services and financial institutions on high

Monstr, the software developer, established a business
model to remove himself from detection, and to date this strategy has been
successful.  Yet with the latest
operations uncovering the use of ZeuS it is believed he sought to protect
himself further by bowing out any contact with ZeuS.

Thankfully, for all those buyers of the software they will still
be serviced by other players and so allowing Monstr to pursue further interests. 

Any information about the anonymous internet star is gleaned
at every turn.  There is speculation he
loves fast cars and powerful trucks and that’s about it, he’s done well keeping
his identity hidden. 

Enjoy the vacation!;content
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Thanks to Andrew for sending in the following comment:

While the San Francisco courts did order GeoHot to take down the code
and no longer speak in detail about the crack, they have not said that
was he did was illegal.  In fact the only thing that has been decided is
that the code is potentially harming to Sony and Sony might have a
legal leg to stand on.  Remember that the case has not actually gone
before the judge. 
Also thanks to Dai Neng for sending in the comment!:
According to this site it is legal to jailbreak the PS2,  why is not legal then to do the same with PS3!

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