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Breaking News      Lady Gaga Checks Into Mental Health Clinic?
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Lady Gaga Checks Into Mental Health Clinic?

Lady Gaga is believed to have checked in to an
upstate New York mental health clinic over the weekend in order to cure a
condition that has plagued her for many years now: Insomnia.

It is believed that at the time of her checking in,
sometime in the last few days, she hadn’t slept at all for five days and was
beginning to develop serious symptoms such as dizziness and delusional

The clinic is believed to be located in the vicinity of
Buffalo New York.  Lady Gaga was driven
there with her doctor.

“Lady Gaga does have a sleep problem and that’s an open
secret in the music industry. It has meant sometimes she has performed in a
state of almost deliriousness,” a music insider who wished to remain anonymous
told us.
Lady Gaga recently did tell a reporter that “my passion is so strong I can’t sleep – I haven’t slept
for three days.”
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