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Headlines      Christine O’Donnell Drops WDEL Lawsuit: But Wait, Who Is Christine O’Donnell?
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Christine O’Donnell Drops WDEL Lawsuit: But Wait, Who Is Christine

Tea Party Senate candidate, Christine O’Donnell’s camp has
announced they will no longer pursue a law suit against Radio Station, WDEL and
have apologized for demanding that a video of her interview be removed.

The drama began on October 26 when the radio station videotaped
an interview with O’Donnell on “The Rick Jensen Show”.  As with most stations today the intention was to
upload the video onto their website. 
However, the O’Donnell campaign organizers claim they were never consulted about this action. 
After being sent a courtesy copy O’Donnell’s
Campaign Manager, Matt Moran rang the station and threatened to “crush” WDEL.

Who would be surprised by a camera in a Radio Station
these days?  Probably no –one. 

Yet other than what appears to be a few clumsy hand movements and when O’Donnell
clicks her fingers instructing an adviser to assist with a difficult question, there
seems little to have caused such an outburst.

O’Donnell’s story, one of a woman who has yet  to win the senate
seat, makes headlines around the world.  Why has O’Donnell has enjoyed a
meteoric rise
to fame? 
It all began after being elected as
the Republican Delaware Senate Candidate to run against Democrat Chris Coons in
next week’s US mid-term elections.
In September O’Donnell
challenged the politically experienced Mike Castle to run as the Republican’s candidate
in Vice Presidents Joe Biden’s former seat. 
The once unknown politician  won 54% of the vote after Sarah Palin
backed the little known candidate.
O’Donnell rise to fame has been both controversial and
questionable.  In 1996 as the President
of Saviours Alliance for Lifting the Truth she announce in an interview
broadcast on MTV “The Bible says that  ‘lust
in your heart is committing adultery, so you can’t masturbate without
lust.”  The campaign led by O’Donnell cried out against masturbation
as a form of adultery.  She put to MTV “you are going to be
pleasing each other, so if he already knows what pleases him and he can
himself, then why am I in the picture?”

Aside from her other staunchly conservative policies,
anti-abortion, no sex before marriage, the single, the 41 year old has claimed: “in
terms of the government [China], I think that there is a very carefully thought
out and strategic plan to take over America,” according to Associated Press.  Then again in a debate between Coons and O’Donnell
she questions the first amendments reference to the separation of powers between
the church and state.

Her credibility has been questioned over her claims of studying at University
of Oxford, and it seems she claimed to having obtained
a degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University before having done so.

With the countdown to the November 2 elections the polls
are suggesting that O’Donnell will not become the next senator for
Delaware.  Yet we have all learned our lesson after watching Sarah
Palin, a woman who failed to become Vice President still manage to turn
political playground upside down.

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