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Breaking News      $25 Million Worth Of Harry Winston Fashionable Jewelry Found In Paris Sewer
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09 March 2011 
$25 Million Worth Of Harry Winston Fashionable Jewelry Found In Paris Sewer
It was a heist that caught the imagination of France.  They
presented as the finest, richest and most cultured.  Some were dressed
as women, all draped in the most expensive jewelry, worth an estimated
$85 million.
As they entered the Harry Winston Jewelry store on December 5, 2008
no-one would have suspected their real agenda was to hold up the high
market jewelry store. 
This was Christmas time and shoppers cruised the aisles of the
fashionable store, in among the fashionable cafes, fashionable clothing
that caters for only the most fashionable.  
There the fashionably dressed robbers pulled out guns, looted the
display cabinets and forced staff to hand over jewelry stored in the
back rooms of the boutique. 
It was a daring raid that netting diamonds worth $108 million. 
Police mounted a thorough investigation with 25 people brought in
for question and 9 of those arrested.  Yet until yesterday only $1.1
million worth of jewelry had been uncovered.
After a tip off police raided the home of one of the suspects, and
began digging up his sewer.  There, in amongst the flow was a sparkling
plastic bag holding 19 rings and 3 sets of earrings worth  $25 million.
While the police discovery may have been fashionably late many
would be relieved that the jewelry may now be resting on the fingers of
rich as they travel the world, not floating the sewers of Paris.

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