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Breaking News      Israel: Sarah Palin Visits Western Wall And Hears The Wise Story Of Purim
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21 March 2011
Israel: Sarah Palin Visits Western Wall And Hears The Wise Story Of Purim
The staunchly Christian, potential, US Presidential Candidate,
Sarah Palin landed in the Holy Land this weekend with a Star of David
draped around her neck.
It’s believed she’s arrived in Israel vying for the Jewish vote and to increase her credibility on International affairs.  
On her 3 day visit to the Jewish state she’s been whisked around
Jerusalem’s most sacred sites, including the 2000 year old remains of
the greatest Jewish temple, the wailing wall.
The site of the Temple is believed to be where the spirit of God flows. 
The rebuilding of the Temple was one of Herod’s many architectural
achievements.  Yet the soon after it’s completion in 70AD it was
destroyed by the Romans.
Today the former Vice Presidential candidate is scheduled to meet
Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu no doubt to be briefed on the
mounting tensions and the failed peace process between Israel and the
Palestinian National Authority.
Yet the tour maybe more about mending ties with the American Jewish
community after several incidents in which have lost the politician
critical support.
Palin has become the figure head of the Republican’s Tea Party. 
When the Jewish Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot
amongst 19 other victims 6 of whom died, including 9 year old
Christina-Taylor Green, many raised the question as to the extent in
which the Tea Party was responsible.
In the state of Arizona where Giffords was shot even the Sheriff
pointed to the Tea party as responsible provoking “hatred and bigotry”.
Jared Lee Loughner, the accused murdered is said to have reinforced
this belief after stating that among his inspirations were Sarah Palin
and the Tea Party Movement.
In defense of her party in January 2011, Palin further enraged the
Jewish community when she posted a video on Facebook in which she was
reported to have said: “manufacture a blood libel that serves only to
incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn”.
The term ‘blood libel’ has been used throughout the centuries by
Catholics who accused the Jewish community of using Christian blood in
the baking Matzoh during the festival of Passover.
Now in Israel Sarah Palin seems intent on mending bridges during
the annual Jewish festival of Purim that was celebrated this weekend.  
It maybe a very suitable tale for Palin to hear. 
In the story Esther is chosen to marry the king, but she hides her
Jewish heritage from him.  A plot emerges, Haman the King’s adviser
convinces him to order the expulsion of Jews from the nation.
Esther pipes up and tells her husband for whom she loves that she
too is Jewish.  Her selfless act ensures the safety of her community,
safe from bigotry and hatred.

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