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Breaking News      Pirates Of Somalia Dump Japanese Vessel After Using It As A Mothership For Other Attacks
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02 March 2011

Pirates Of Somalia Dump Japanese Vessel After Using It As A Mothership For Other Attacks
There was a significant moment on March 1, 2011, the
Japanese owned MV Izumi, a commercial ship was docked, safely in the
port of Mombasa.  After being captured in October 2010 the ship was
released by Somali pirates.
There is nothing new about a vessel being captured by
the pirates of Somalia yet what has concerned authorities is that the
high powered captured ship was used in operations by the pirates to
attack other commercial vessels. 
Now in port, the ship is under the control of the European Union Anti-piracy force.
There is no doubt that the MV Izumi was used as a mothership for attacks on other merchant vessels in the region.
Its a new strategy used by the pirates to enable them to penetrate deep into the Red Sea off Africa. 
The Red Sea is the gateway to the Suez canal, a vital shipping route.
The Japanese owned ‘MV Izumi’ have been fitted out
with the latest high technology specifically in the areas of navigation
and radar, and in the hands of the pirates enabled them to pin point
potential targets. 
With such a large, powerful and sea worth capabilities
the pirates, using the MV Izumi were able to navigate deep into the
seas around the horn of Africa.
Yet there appears to be developing a cycle of increasing violence
as merchants are sinking resources into building defense mechanisms onto
their ships, including high powered water pressure systems and
installing razor wire.
For the 20 Filipino crew members of the MV Izumi, it’s been a
horrific few months.   While there have been no official reports it is
believed that at least one crew member has been casualty, while
officially all crew members have been traumatized by the experience.
Navy personnel have been investigating the condition of the ship
and uncovered both live and spent ammunition scattered around the ship. 

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