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Breaking News      Why On Earth Would A Teenager Use Botox? No Wait, Botox For An 8 Year Old?
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29 March 2011
Why On Earth Would A Teenager Use Botox? No Wait, Botox For An 8 Year Old?
Is it child abuse to inject your 8 year old child with Botox, is it
child abuse to give permission for your teenagers to whisk away their
wrinkles with a shot of Botox?  If not, why not?
It seems our passion for plastic surgery has been pushed to the
extreme as reports of an increasing number of children, young women are
opting to use Botox.  
In 2010 the American Society of Plastic Surgeons acknowledged that more
than 11,000 teenagers were injected with Botox for that year!  11,000! 
The year before there was a 48% increase in the use of Botox use by those wrinkly young women.
Put aside the morality of this move, first consider, will there be
any Botox left for those of us who really need it, those who have real
wrinkles not pimples? 
Back to the morality, for any teenager looking in the mirror there
must be a great pressure today to try and be just a little better, and
it seems that pressure is also coming from parents, who send off their
child with permission to receive the procedure.
But today it’s been revealed that one mother is injecting her 8
year old, not even a teenager, with Botox, and on a regular basis.
At just 8 years old Britney Campbell’s mother has a wonderful dream
for her.  According to her Beautician mother Kerry, Britney will be a
model, a star, by the time she reaches puberty, reported the  British
Sun Newspaper.
To help the child on her way 4 times a year Britney watches as her
mother injects into her lips, around her eyes and forehead a syringe
full of Botox.  Being clear here, this is not about health, this is not
about anything but wanting a child to look her best.
Her mother believes that with the treatment Britney’s youthful look will be extended.  
It would be easier to overlook this case, yet it seems that Britney
is not alone.  In their travels among the British Beauty-Pageants it
seems from Kerry that many of the young girls are also being given
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