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Breaking News      Syria: Slowly But Surely A Protest Movement Emerges
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19 March 2011
Syria: Slowly But Surely A Protest Movement Emerges
He has held a tight grip on political power in the Middle Eastern
nation of Syria since 2000.  Many thought it wasn’t possible but now
witnesses are reporting that a small protest movement is emerging. 
Another state, it seems, might, just might be about to be engulfed in
Today in Syria it has been reported that in at least three towns
locals have bravely taken on the government calling for regime change.
Syria has been ruled by the Ba’ath Party since 1963.  Since 2000
Bashar al Assad has held the position of President, a position he
inherited from his father, Hafez al Assad. 
There has been little tolerance for opposition from the state. 
Political figures have been targeted by security forces, jailed and with
numerous reports of torture.
Last Tuesday the first evidence emerged that a small protest
movement was beginning to organize itself, as 40 men took to the streets
after midday prayers.  It was quickly dispersed but now it seems that
others have taken the lead.
In the southern city of Deraa crowds erupted in protest, chants rose from the group calling “God Syria Freedom”.
President Bashar al-Assad was the target as thousands of protests
marched through the street.  They aired their resentment of the power of
the President and his family’s corruption.
The Government’s response was swift.   Above the heads of the
protesters Government helicopters dropped troops as security forces were
backed up by the Army.  
Witnesses reported that at least three bodies lay on the streets,
those of protesters who were defenseless against the weaponry of the
The battle line has been drawn in the capital, Damascus, where at
least 200 protesters were witness taking to the streets.  Once again
security forces violently broke up the group.
Now as the opposition begins to gain it’s voice Facebook has been
used to rally the masses, with the first page being named “day of
The Government has already issued official statements in response justifying the heavy handed response:
“The infiltrators also set cars and shops on fire, which obliged security
forces to intervene in order to protect citizens and property. They
were also attacked by the infiltrators before the latter dispersed.”

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