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Breaking News      Surfing Rabbi Marches With British Far Right
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Surfing Rabbi Marches With British Far Right

Who could ever imagine a Rabbi walking in support of the
Far Right?  Is it madness or political satire?  Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise for his next movie?

Neither!  A Californian Rabbi, Nachum Shifren, yesterday marched with the
British based English Defence League protesting against immigration and promoting an
anti-Islam message.  

Hungarian Jews have been vocal in their fear of the
growth of political power of the far right after the Jobbik Party’s
electoral victory this year, in which the political party won third
place, with 16.6% of the national vote. Jobbik’s leadership have
publicly blamed Jews and Gypsies as being responsible for the economic
problems suffered by Hungary.
Yet in other quarters a dubious alliance is
being chiseled out between some Orthodox Jews and nationalist organizations.
In 2006, Belgium’s
Vlaams Belang who runs on a xenophobic platform called on Jewish organization to
join forces as natural partners against the ‘main enemy’ of radical Islam.
The call appears to have been heard by ‘the Surfing Rabbi’,
Nachum Shifren, a former surf lifeguard, and now a member of America’s
Tea Party.  In his latest political maneuver Rabbi Shifren has announced
he will be running for a State Senate seat in California.
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