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Breaking News      Barbara Streisand’s Cousin Refused Immigration Status To Israel For Believing In Jesus
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04 February 2011 
Barbara Streisand’s Cousin Refused Immigration Status To Israel For Believing In Jesus
Dale Streisand, Barbara Streisand’s cousin has the Israeli flag posted on his Facebook page. 
His wife desperately wants to have their first born child in
Israel, yet the Jewish born and raised Streisand’s request to live in
Israel has been rejected as he once had a link on his Facebook page to a
Christian Missionary group.
All Jews, theoretically, have the right to live in the Jewish State of Israel; seen as the ‘right of return’. 
Over the past few years controversy has surrounded who is, and what makes a person Jewish. 
After civil war ravaged Ethiopia thousands of people requested permission to move to Israel. 
A community had existed, isolated yet strong, resisting the
influence of Muslim and Christian leaders in the nation.  On asking
permission to immigrate the Israeli government asked; where they Jewish,
what customs where were still celebrated, and finally the question was
raised, where they too Christian to be Jewish.
In the 1990 the doors were opened as Ethiopian Jews began to take residency in the Israel. 
Yet for others the door has been seen as having been opened to
widely.  In September 2007 a gang of neo-Nazi were arrested in the heart
of Israel causing shivers to run down the spine of the state that had
been created out of the holocaust.
None of the gang, former Russians, had a Jewish mother, but had
gained citizenship as each of the young men had one Jewish grandparent.
Yesterday it emerged that a controversy has hit the family of a
Jewish icon, Barbara Streisand.  Dale Streisand, 57 last year moved to
the Philippines to marry a woman who would now carry his child.
In August last year they decided  that it was important for them both to move to Israel to raise their child.
Yet their application has been rejected as Streisand had on an old
Facebook page a link with a Christian missionary group, thus it was
conclude that Streisand believed that Jesus was the messiah, therefore
he was not Jewish.
The Interior Ministry has the right to refuse entry to applicants
on various grounds including them have a criminal record, being a danger
to the health and safety of citizens and if there is a suspicion the
person would work against the state.

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Many thanks to Talia for sending through the following comment:
A bit more info on the Dale Streisand article: Mr. Streisand claims
that he is now an orthodox Jew yet in his current and recent photos it
is clear that he is not. He and his wife want to raise their children in
Israel for those same reasons, yet his wife is not Jewish… It is not
hard to find ,on the web current messianic activity belonging to Dale
Streisand, but he claims that he is no longer involved. It seems to me
that h is trying hard to take advantage of his association with his
famous relative, Barbara, and getting into Israel in that way. Making
Aliyah is for Jews. If anyone else wishes to live in Israel they can
obtain a visa. If a person was born Jewish but now is a believer in
Jesus Christ (and that is his prerogative) then he has no right to
Aliyah. On the other hand a person who was not born Jewish and converts
to Judaism DOES have the right to return.

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