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Headlines      Sleep Depredation Linked To Mental Health Issues For Teenagers
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Sleep Depredation Linked To Mental Health Issues For Teenagers

It’s those young people wasting away the midnight hours banging away on
their Nintendo until the sun hits the horizon that are today worrying Mental
Health experts.

Teenagers who lack sleep or have disrupted sleep behaviors are three
times more likely to suffer from future mental health issues according to research
conducted by the Brain and Mind Institute and the George Institute of Global
Health with results presented yesterday at a conference in New Zealand.

By 17 years old a health young people should be enjoying up to 8 hours
sleep per night.  24 year old’s are expected to sleep on average half and
hour less.

What has concerned researchers is the trend for young people to survive on less sleep,
some getting as little as 5 hours per night. 
After long periods of sleep
deprivation young people reported a significant increase in stress levels, that
could ultimately result in depression, self harm, drug taking and on occasion’s
As sleep declined by each hour there was a 14% increase in the risk of
developing a metal health issue.
The Australiasian Sleep Conference in Christchurch was yesterday
told that young people who were sleep deprived were 3 times more likely to
developed mental health problems. 
Finally we can rest assured that being tucked in, cuddling the pillows is
more than comfort, it about health and happiness.
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